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Deadly start to Everest campaign

Three people have died on the world's tallest mountain in as many days since climbing resumed after last year's avalanche tragedy at Base Camp.
On 24 August 2015 Nepal re-opened Everest to tourism including mountain climbers. The only climber permit for the autumn season was awarded to Japanese climber Nobukazu Kuriki, who had tried four times previously to summit Everest without success. He made his fifth attempt in October, but was not able to make it and gave up just 700 meters from the summit due to "strong winds and deep snow". Kurki noted the dangers of climbing Everest, having himself survived being stuck in a freezing snow-hole for two days near the top, which came at the cost of all his finger tips and his thumb, lost to frostbite, which added further difficulty to his climb. Some sections of the trail from Lukla to Everest Base Camp (Nepal) were damaged in the earthquakes earlier in the year and needed repairs to handle trekkers.
On 11 May 2016 nine Sherpas summited Mount Everest. The next day another six people reached the top. For Kenton Cool, this was his 12th Everest summit (the second highest number of Everest summitings for a foreigner). These were the first summitings since 2014, when 106 made it to the top. By 13 May, 42 climbers had reached the summit and by 22 May, good weather had allowed over 400 climbers to reach the summit. However, about 30 climbers developed frostbite or became sick and two climbers died from altitude sickness. Among those that had to turn back, was a science expedition attempting to study the link between hypoxia and cognitive decline. Although it did not run its course it did give some clues into the effects of high-altitude acclimatization on human blood. 
On May 19, 2016 the first people from Myanmar (aka Burma) reached the summit of Mount Everest. Myanmar is relatively nearby to Nepal, it is a south-east Asian country that borders primarily India, China and Thailand.

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