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Migrant Crisis - We must prepare a strategy to the refugee crisis

Europe is facing the worst migrant crisis since World War II and things are going from bad to worse. A significant number of migrants have lost their lives as their boats have capsized, others have suffocated to death in small containers. Various discussions are going on to discuss the flow of migrants to Europe but meanwhile, the Mediterranean has become a large graveyard for refugees. The European Union are currently experiencing serious differences in terms of how to tackle the refugee crisis, resulting in countries accusing one another for not doing enough to stop the influx of illegal immigrants.

Discussions are going on as to whether taking part in the rescue operations will encourage more people to opt for the dangerous journey to a better life and future in a European country. According to statistics released by American news channel CNN, Hungary has received 140,000 asylum applications since January and counting. Reports of various boats that have capsized, taking the lives of innocent women and children have circulated on the news for the past few months.

While some have been lucky enough to finally reach their destination, the future still remains unknown as they are placed in detention centres waiting to find out as to whether they get to stay or not. Due to the financial difficulties and recession in various European countries, some countries are struggling to deal with the large number of illegal immigrants. Thousands of people have been placed in illegal detention centres, living in inhumane conditions.

The truth is that these dangerous journeys in the Mediterranean in the hope of a better future has become a big question for the consciousness of the United Nations (UN) and the rest of the modern world. Unfortunately, the UN and the rest of the world are not doing enough to stop flow of refugees. Without looking at the problem from a grass roots level, we cannot solve refugee crisis nor can we help those who are willing to risk their lives and the lives of their loved ones for the sake of a better future. It is about time that the world comes together to prepare a joint strategy as to how to cope with the refugee crisis.


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