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Minimize the role of Egypts's army

Since a recent statement by the Egyptian army chief, large numbers of people from both sides are ready to show their strength on the Egyptian streets. After the army chief’s fierce speech, the authorities issued an arrest warrant for several leading figures of the brotherhood.

Only a day ago, 12 people lost their lives in a clash between both anti- and pro-Mursi groups. Unfortunately, things are going from bad to worse with the presence of large crowds and the use of force in Tahrir Square and Nasser city, further spoiling the already deteriorating peace situation in country.

Attacks against armed forces in the Sinai area dramatically increased after the fall of the Mursi government. The country’s tourism industry has been the worst affected due to increasing agitation in all major cities. The Egyptian army should learn from the situation in Pakistan.

More than 10,000 civilians and 5,000 security personnel have lost their lives in Pakistan over the last 10 years and the unrest there has dried up foreign investment.

It’s better to negotiate rather than use heavy force. The use of force will only result in more lost lives and an economic disaster. Minimizing the role of the army, genuine peace efforts and reconciliation between all rival groups, can make things better in Egypt.    

Khawaja Umer Farooq
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