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Muhammad Ramzan Chhipa

The name of Mr. Muhammad Ramzan Chhipa (Sitara-i-Imtiaz), an eminent Social Worker, is not merely a name of a person belonging to any particular caste, faction, sect or community.  
This is the name of a very simple, highly ambitious, most energetic, very active, much dynamic, well-dignified and most competent person who, having vast experience, acumen and know-how, has been diligently serving the humanity and vigorously working for the causes and services to common people without discrimination of any caste, creed or colour, having no affiliation with any political or religious party or any ethnic or businessmen community group since the year 1987. This gentleman, always clad in green clothes is striving hard for the sanctity of human rights. 
Mr. Muhammad Ramzan Chhipa had started his social and welfare work from scratch, staying before the gate of Civil Hospital in Karachi and using his own pocket-money on different heads of charity. He used to help those who were sick, penniless and needy. He provided comfort and mental solace to the poor, worried and wretched persons through all possible means. He used to provide help and succour to the suffering people in times of their extreme needs. This God-fearing man was inspired by the green colour of our National Flag. As such, from the prime of his life he has still been putting on green coloured dress of Shalwar and Kameez with ordinary rubber slipper in his feet round the year in all seasons. 
The humanitarian services of Mr. Muhammad Ramzan Chhipa and his welfare work for the causes of humanity caught sight of local philanthropists and drew the attention of businessmen community who extended to him their helping hands and generous supports. Those helps and supports encouraged and exhorted Mr. Muhammad Ramzan Chhipa to organize and form a welfare organization. 
The said idea was materialized in the year 1987 when Karachi was rocked by two bomb blasts in Bohri Bazar at Saddar area Karachi, causing hundreds of people wounded and dead. This noble and respectable man Mr. Muhammad Ramzan Chhipa was shocked by the horrible scenes he witnessed in the local hospital in Karachi when victims in large number were lying in the pool of their own blood. It was then decided by him to take positive step towards a long journey and finally through his continuous hard work, Mr. Muhammad Ramzan Chhipa laid foundation to a welfare organization. Thus, by the grace of almighty Allah, in the year 1987 Chhipa Welfare Association came into existence. 
His welfare organization is registered with the Government of Pakistan and Government of Sindh vide Registration No. DSW(2068)-K and National Tax No. 2205404-9. The accounts of Chhipa Welfare Association are regularly audited each year and are exempted from Income Tax. 
Presently his welfare organization has a big fleet of CHHIPA AMBULANCES, spread over  CHHIPA AMBULANCE EMERGENCY CENTRES in prominent places, on various roundabouts and near Government Hospitals across Karachi city for providing immediate help and assistance to the needy, sick, suffering people and emergency patients while the responding time is within 7 minutes. His Chhipa Ambulances are always on the alert and ready to meet any emergency situation. 
In frequent road accidents, sudden disaster, bomb blast, firing, stamped, heavy rain, train collision, building and bridge collapse, unexpected event and emergency, his Chhipa Ambulances equipped with first-aid box, oxygen cylinder and paramedics hurriedly rush and always reach the spots FIRST to the rescue of suffering people and for providing them immediate help. Normally his Chhipa Ambulances day and night 24 hours remain engaged on roads every day in lifting and shifting the seriously wounded, accidentally injured, needy, sicks, burnt out and cut off victims, emergency patients, partially decomposed bodies and dead bodies to hospitals & medical centres in attempts to save the valuable lives. The Rescue Team of his Chhipa Ambulance daily saves a number of precious human lives. You may log on to website www.chhipa.org for more information. 
As a Non-Government Organization, Chhipa Welfare remains busy with the distribution of free monthly ration to the poor white-collared families, free medicines, free meats, free clothes, free blankets etc. to the deserving indigent people, free ghusal, kafan & free burial services to the poor unknown dead bodies, free wheel-chairs, crutches (baysakhi), artificial limbs etc. to the disabled persons and many other financial helps and supports to the poor, orphans widows and worried low-income class aged people every month. 
In all the past tragic events of bomb blasts, stampedes, big fires, train collisions, building and bridge collapses, emergency and vast devastations, CHHIPA AMBULANCES hurriedly rushed and reached the spots FIRST to the rescue of disturbed and suffering people and played important roles in helping and saving the valuable human lives, which were greatly admired by local and foreign media and highly appreciated by general public. 
His Chhipa Welfare daily provides  2 Times Free Foods to thousands of the poor low income group starving people on the vast CHHIPA DASTARKHWANS, spread over at Chhipa Ambulance Centres around Karachi city with dignity, care and proper attention regularly. 
His Chhipa Welfare has also installed CHHIPA PALNA (Cradle) at all Chhipa Ambulance Centres with the appeal to general people to drop the unwanted newly born baby calmly & quietly in Chhipa Palna (Cradle) and not to kill or indulge in brutal act of genocide. After getting such discarded newly born infant, Mr. Chhipa himself cares and takes immediate action for hospitalization, bearing total costs on medical treatment, medicines etc., of hospital and for adoption by interested childless married couple registered in his welfare organization through handing over ceremony organized in respective hospital, so that such neglected child could be brought up and be made worthy citizen by new responsible parents. 
Chhipa Welfare also gets out of ocean the drowned people through expert divers, posted on the brink of oceans. This measure has considerably reduced death toll and suicide attempts of general public. 
Chhipa Welfare remains engaged in many other social activities and welfare work round the year and is making progress under the able guidance of Mr. Muhammad Ramzan Chhipa. 
This gentleman was awarded “Sitara-i-Imtiaz” by the Government of Pakistan for his long social services, welfare activities & in token of his love for the suffering humanity.

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