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Habib Jalib Revolutionary Poetry

 Habib Jalib Revolutionary  Poetry

Habib Jalib (Urduحبیب جالب) was a Pakistani revolutionary poet, left-wing activist and politician who opposed martial lawauthoritarianism and state oppression.

Habib Jalib was born as Habib Ahmad on 24 March 1928 in a village near Hoshiarpur,British India. He migrated to Pakistan after the partition of India and worked as a proofreader for Daily Imroze of Karachi. He was a progressive writer and soon started to grab the audience with his enthusiastic recitation of poetry. He wrote in plain language, adopted a simple style and addressed common people and issues. But the conviction behind his words, the music of his voice and his emotional energy coupled with the sensitivity of the socio-political context is what stirred the audience.

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