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Free Anti-virus Download

Free Anti-virus Download-Best Anti-virus Softwares Programs List-Full Latest Versions-
Best Top 10 Free Antivirus Softwares-2012

List of all/any of the good/better/best antivirus software programs you may need for your home computer system for year 2013-Download free all anti virus softwares programs for your PC, Mac system and Windows Xp,Windows Vista,Windows7, Linux operating system from all the best and top 10 anti-virus software 2012-13 available today on the best websites for free antivirus downloading. 
The list of best 10 anti-virus software 2012-13 has got all the types of popular anti virus software programs you are looking for your computer system. All the anti virus programs listed here are used for home editions/versions and you can download free antivirus with their latest paid, free or trail versions.

[ What is it?
This list of top 10 best and free antivirus software 2013 has been prepared by keeping in mind various reviews, ratings, analysis and lot of online research. This list of top 10 best anti virus software 2013 has been posted to provide you only an honest idea about what are the best antivirus software, what is used and liked most, which one is more popular and visible in terms of the number of users, expert reviews and rankings by the most of online tech websites about antivirus products .

    Best Antivirus Programs for PC, Mac and Windows,Linux  

These best free antivirus software 2013 are widely used all over the world for PC, Mac, Notebooks, laptops devices and for Windows Xp, Windows7, Windows 8, Vista, Linux and many other operating systems.(Though, most probably you don't need an antivirus software if you are running a Linux operating system as there have rarely been found viruses targeted on Linux compared to Windows and the latter ,in fact, is the softest target for virus and malware attacks )  

This top 10 antivirus list comprises of only those top 10 best antivirus products that are available free of cost and offer you antivirus programs with full version.Though they also offer paid and premium services to those seeking full online antivirus program support.

Kaspersky Anti-Virus Products - protect your PC against security threats with industry leading software!

List of Best Antivirus Software 2012-13

Here you go-Below mentioned are top 10 best free anti-virus software programs for online as well as offline security of your computer system (home, office, business systems)

#1-Microsoft Security Essentials 2013

(Most used antivirus software for Windows operating systems) 

top 10 free antivirus software
Microsoft Security Essentials is the best and No.1 free antivirus software program for Windows xp, Windows 7, Windows Vista. Microsoft Security Essentials is an award winning top best free antivirus software around the Internet world for 2013 (even for the year 2011-12) for PC and Windows operating system enabled computer systems. Microsoft Security Essentials is a top best anti virus program, in terms of security, ease of use, lightness, updates and online support, and above all it’s exclusively made for Windows. Microsoft Security essentials, as the name suggests, comes from Microsoft itself and is probably one of the best antivirus for your PC, if your computer system is running on Windows operating system.You can freely download it from Microsoft’s website and the best thing about it is that it automatically gets updated on a daily basis as when there are new advancements in the over all features of this antivirus software. You should keep your firewall security on to get the maximum security benefits from Microsoft Security Essentials antivirus software. To download and install it for free your system must be using Genuine Windows otherwise you can't install it on your system. Check here to test if your system has a genuine windows copy.

Download Microsoft Security Essentials 2013 Free Version 2.0.657.0 

#2 Avast Free antivirus 2013

download free antivirus software

Avast free antivirus software is my #2 pick in the list of top 10 best free antivirus software for 2013, and  have got reasons to say this.Avast has got very sound and strong security features and have gained a lot of faith and trust from a vast range of the internet connected computer system users. Avast offers several astounding security features, such as :-
Antivirus and anti-spyware engine
Real-time anti-rootkit protection
Boot-time scanner
Avast! SafeZone™
Auto Sandbox
Avast! Real-time Shields like,Mail Shield,Web Shield Behaviour Shield (unique feature), Network Shield,etc.
NEW PRODUCT: avast! Internet Security Version 7. Buy Now at a $10.00 Off Discounted Rate. Click Here! Offer Expires 12/31/14

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Download Avast Free antivirus Latest 2013 Version 6.0.1289

#3 Avira Free Antivirus

best free antivirus software 2012

Avira AntiVir Personal is very popular and its undoubtedly one of the best rated, reviewed antivirus software, and it belongs to 'top 5 best antivirus software programs on the internet' spot. Avira Antivir Personal is available for free downloading and installing for personal use, though you may try even it’s paid/premium version for 30 days trial period.
Avira free antivirus software offers great security features, such as Anti Phishing, Anti Vir Pro Activ (detects unknown threats by their behaviour patterns), Web Guard protection (protection from malicious websites), Anti Drive (protection against downloading viruses when surfing online), Mail Guard (for email protection ) , and many more other online security features. Avira stands to be a very strong anti-virus software program for internet connected computer systems as well as for off-line systems.

Download Avira AntiVir Personal Free Antivirus 2013 Version:


Kaspersky eStore


  #4 Panda Cloud Antivirus Free download

free antivirus software download

Panda Cloud Antivirus is, no doubt, one among the best top 5 free antivirus software programs available for personal use.Panda scan is light, soft and it gets updated automatically through its 'çloud technique', so you are least bothered about updating it and it keeps providing security to your system without you even noticing it. But it has this feature of the automatic quarantine which makes it a little troublesome. Over all, Panda Cloud antivirus is appreciated for its many security features, including lightness and 'Çloud scanning’ techniques. In fact, Panda Cloud is popular, widely used,very strong, and protectively very effective free anti-virus program. Panda Cloud Antivirus program is ranked 4th by PC World magazine.

Panda Security antivirus

#5 PC Tools iAntivirus


free antivirus download

PC tools iAntivirus is specifically built for Mac, though it can be used on PC as well. PC Tools iAntivirus is very popular, and strongly protective; and it is easy to use and simple to scan your computer system. It has very effective security features that make it desirable for your Mac/Pc system security. PC Tools iAntivirus is one among the top and best rated, ranked and reviewed antivirus software. It provides real-time system protection and comprehensive system scanning to ensure your Mac remains safe, secure, healthy and free of all online, offline malware threats. PC Tools iAntivirus is available in Free as well as in paid version. 

Download Free version of PC Tools iAntivirus 2013

#6 Comodo Free Antivirus Download 2013

best free antivirus software 2012

Comodo Antivirus software is a widely used popular antivirus software for PC; and this free antivirus software program is rated highly by most of the PC computer system users across the world for its free,paid ,and full version. Comodo has the award winning Firewall application and it provides very strong and efficient protection to your PC against all types of online threats including spamming, phishing, viruses, malwares,Trojans and hacking attempts. Comodo provides defense for email, browsing & shopping, IM, external devices, downloads, gaming, etc and keeps your system free of all types infections. In brief, Comodo is one among top 10 best free antivirus and also popularly ranked 5th by PC World
Download Comodo Antivirus Internet Security 5.5. 195786 Free version 2013

Kaspersky PURE 2.0

#7 BitDefender Full Version Free Download 2013

top 10 best free antivirus softwares programs-2012 Bit Defender
Bitdefender is a very capable and popular top best antivirus software when it comes to providing online/offline security to your PC, Mac against all types virus and malware threats.Bitdefender has been around for a long time now and has gained faith and trust of a large online user community. It provides Virus Scanning & Removal facility in gaming mode and provides schedule and quarantine facility.You can download Bitdefender’s full version freely.

US Cart Link - Bitdefender Back to School Promotion. Total Security 2013 3PCs 2 Yrs. Get two years protection for the price of one. Limited offer, save $60, only $79.95! Use coupon BTSTS2013 Offer Expires 10/01/12

Coupon Code: BTSTS2013

antivirus free download 

  Download Bitdefender 10 Free Edition 2013

#8 AVG Free Antivirus Download 2013

best antivirus software 2012

AVG antivirus 2011 is highly ranked, rewarded, and rated antivirus software for free download for your PC or Mac system. It has many security oriented features that make it one of the most desirable anti virus. PC world and Cnet provide excellent reviews for AVG antivirus. It has many features including,:Powerful protection behind the background, light for your system, Identity protection that protects and secures all your personal data. You can download the full version that comes for free.
Except the fact that it might show some false positives, it has very good overall rating. You can start using it without trouble and notice your own experience with this according to your system type.

Download Full and Free AVG anti-virus Version 2013 

#9 Malwarebytes’ Anti-malware Full and free download 2013

top 10 free anti-virus software 2012

Its true that Malwarebytes’ anti-malware software program is improving in performance with each passing day and more users are appreciating its very simple yet strong protective features. Though, its mainly more popular for machine level system protection and anti virus features than an online/real time system protection against many types infections. You can keep it with other anti virus software, specially for system root level problems and threats. Because of it’s simple yet intense security services against malwares and its popularity for certain reasons, and for the much better reviews it received from advanced users,i have included Malwarebytes’ Anti-malware software among top 10 best and free anti virus software for 2013.

Download Malwarebytes’Anti-malware here for full and free version for 2013

#10  Spyware Doctor With Antivirus-Free and Full download 2013 

top 10 free antivirus softwares 2012 Spyware doctor.

Spyware Doctor with antivirus was awarded as ”” Product of the Year from PC Mag.com in the year 2009 for its excellent performance and features. Spyware Doctor is a composition of two well efficient engines, namely Antivirus (protects against malicious PC threats) and Antispyware Guards against information and identity theft.).
Spyware Doctor uses proactive,reactive and automatic anti spyware antivirus software to protect your system from various infections and threats.
Spyware Doctor Detects, removes and blocks all types of viruses, spyware, adware, Trojans, worms, key loggers and other online threats.

Download Free and Full Spyware Doctor with Antivirus 2013 Version

Download Kaspersky Internet Security Free and Paid Version 2013 for 2 -3 Users License 
Kaspersky Free Anti-virus Internet Security 2012
The anti-virus programs mentioned in the above list are all good except the few things: You get the anti-virus for free of cost but the main problem with free antivirus programs is that they either dont provide the standard support or their validity period expires after a month.

Thats the scenario where Kaspersky Internet Security comes in the picture. I myself used to use free anti-virus lately but due to the above reasons i switched to Kaspersky paid version ( That is Kaspersky Internet Security )and since then i have been using it and i have never looked back for any free anti-virus neither i faced any problem. Not a bit! And its worth every single penny !!

Most of you readers must be already aware about the fact that Kaspersky is a very popular,potent, widely used anti-virus software program and Kaspersky Lab is the lead anti-virus software program company among all the top notch anti-virus companies.   

It saves your time, secures your online experiences, makes your system feel comfortable!
You may buy Kaspersky Internet Security with lowest price and you can get 2 users,3 users 1 year paid version license in as low as $ 9.95- the best price for Kaspersky Internet Security 2013. Click below links to buy/get the full details directly from kaspersky Lab.

Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2012

Best Buy Kaspersky's 2 Users and 3 Users paid version in as low as  $9.95

If you want to download free Kaspersky anti-virus, you may download the trial version of Kaspersky Internet Security from here   

Top 10 Free Anti-virus list 2013

[ What is it not?
This top 10 list of the best antivirus software 2013 is not an authoritative item in terms of research and analysis and this article doesn’t claim to be accurate in terms of ratings and it’s not serving as an endorsment to any product or company.All the views and ratings reflect the personal views of the author.]

"Which is the Best Free Antivirus?"

Though, i have included all the top free best antivirus in the above list of free best antivirus-reviews for year 2013 , but still its difficult to establish any of the antivirus programs as "the best antivirus software" globally/universally with a single opinion, as it depends on type of the computer system , level of system usage, and its a matter of subjective view, apart from the quality of the antivirus software programs in question. So, what is your opinion, which antivirus you consider as the best one?

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