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Energy crisis and Kalabagh Dam

THIS refers to a report   wherein the thermal power’s yearly cost is about $7 billion in the form of oil imports. This is the result of not building the Kalabagh Dam which would have given us $7 billion yearly in the form of cheap power and agriculture boom.

But this was not to be due to the silly obstruction of some of our political parties that could not see beyond their nose. The plight of Pakistan with 12 to 16 hours of loadshedding resulting in industrial shutdown and massive unemployment is for all to see.

The political parties vying against each other to promise utopia for Pakistan are forgetting the basic fact that without addressing the energy problem they cannot usher in prosperity.

Everybody is oblivious of the importance of the Kalabagh Dam to solve all our economic problems and they are only giving sweet dreams to the gullible public without mentioning the Kalabagh dam which holds the key to progress in Pakistan.


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