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The new era for Jamiat

The age of the Cold War was very useful for Muslim World from ideological perspective. It is because the ideological boundaries were clear and prescribed. The recognition of enemy was apparent and all forms of confrontation with it were also knowable. Although all and sundry Muslim intellectuals including Maulana Maudoodi (RA) strictly criticized both Socialism and Communism, yet Communism was considered as a great danger as being very palpable. It is the reason why this criticism lavished all its focus and attention towards the danger of Communism. The benefit commencing from this criticism was that the aggression of Communism toward Muslim societies stopped and armies were provided against it on every front.

You can say it was merit or demerit of Communist Philosophy that it insisted on clear concepts, that is why there was much attraction in it and the resistance against it also got intensity. For instance, Communism was of the stronger and clearer opinion against religion and its religious ethics. It was the reason to organize resistance against it in the Muslim world was not much difficult. Majority of the Muslim Ummah did never agree to listen anything against Almighty and the religion. Nevertheless, the concept of Communism in this regard was so easy that even a common Muslim could understand it easily.

It was the reason why on the direction of Maulana Maudoodi (RA), the foundation of Islami Jamiat Talaba was laid down in the educational institutions of Pakistan. No sooner did Jamiat begin its work, the lines of Communism thrilled, they accepted defeat. From ideologically point of view, this era was very useful and the best one for Jamiat. When the history of Pakistan is written, this greater benefaction of Jamiat would also be included in this history and it would be admired and acknowledged that Jamiat saved millions of educated youth from being secular. Islami Jamiat Talaba gave them a clear objective or aim of life that prescribed their direction after they completed their studies.

The ideological struggle of that period was so deeper that not only colleges and universities were its centers, the general sphere of politics, the labor world and the world of literature and civilization were also in the grip of that struggle. It was the reason why the educational or practical life of the youth of Jamiat was a series of that ideological life of colleges and universities. Ideologically, there was no distance between the two lives, no discrimination was ever there. It was a revolutionary struggle in a true meaning. It is also fact that Jamiat was also not free of the people having loaves and fishes, different interests, but those elements had no value. Jamiat like a flowing river whose a little water sometimes became dirty, but this situation did not last long. No sooner, did General Zia-ul-Haqq come than the some very horrible and dangerous changes commenced in the Pakistani Society. It is our misfortune that still we have not made an analysis of General Zia-ul-Haq s personality, his 10 years rule and his effects of Islamization. General Zia- ul-Haq s Islamization was merely nominal. All his claims to be Islamic based on hypocrisy. As a fact, the claimant of Islam i.e. General Zia-ul-Haq made his first attack on Islami Jamiat Talaba. It was not an accident. Jamiat had won an enormous victory in students unions elections in all over the country particularly in Punjab. General Zia-ul-Haq deemed this victory of Jamiat as a danger to his rule, power so he banned the students politics forever. Nevertheless, this decision was not a technical or administrative type. In fact, it was a preplan to avert the spirit of Pakistani society. It was a plan to non-politicalize the society. A non-political society is a motionless, deadly silent and senseless one its spirit. In this society, individual life gets superiority over collective life. All our Generals have put over society on this way, but Gneral Zia-ul-Haq s matter was the most deteriorated and worsened one. Firstly, he was a General and Islamic minded above it. Even though, he used Islam for his an axe to grind. Islam was like such a curtain for him behind which he achieved his objectives. He thought that his attack on Islam was a kind of service to it.

Islami Jamiat Talaba strictly resisted the ban on students politics. Thousands of people of Jamiat were put behind the bars; they bore the suppression, torture and expulsion from educational institutions. Doubtless, this ban was only for Jamiat, but was not a temporary ban as proved the later situation. Nevertheless, Jamiat did make the instantaneously resistance actively and boldly, but it could not make a proper framework for constant resistance. Temporary caused to form diplomacy.

Genral Zia-ul-Haq pushed the ideologically sinking society towards personal, individual, class wise, lingual, and toward provincial fight back, and differences. The educational institutions were also affected by this situation. As a result, the psyche of the present generation coming out of the institutions is Careerism . It has no objective other than personal interests. In addition, the rapidly changing international scenario has given a helping hand to it. The end of Soviet Union, defeat of Communism, ending of Cold War, even the Western intellectuals announced for the end of history, too played a key role in it. Although it is a wrong announcement, there is found a partial truth in it and our lives are demonstrating its evidence. It seems as if the ideological ideas were of no value and place in our life. It is a general condition of our society and Islami Jamiat Talaba is also not secluded from it. If General Zia-ul-Haq was alive today, he would have been taken aback to see that Jamiat exists with the grace of Almighty Allah (SWT) and is fresh, active and striving for promoting Islamic culture in the country whom he had conspired to eradicate. Whereas Jamiat has demonstrated and struggled during the twenty years of ban, is remarkable, notable and matchless. No student organization has been able to sustain its existence other than Jamiat. If any party or group exists, its existence is local and symbolic. Jamiat is a ray of hope, pleasure and satisfaction for the country and the nation. However, it seems as if Jamiatis deem their remaining existence one and the all, nevertheless, as ideological and revolutionist organization gives no concern to its survival.

Doubtless, Jamiat has strong existence and is a great asset of this country, but it seems that for the last ten to fifteen years, it has adopted a shape of such a large institution that has provided a big number of its manpower to multinationals. It is also a fact, the evil of careerism that has clustered round the whole society, has also broken into the lines of Jamiat. The people who during their university period used to teach us to lead a revolutionary life, today a greater number of theirs, are seen to be careerists. They look at careerism and we look at them. Although, these people could not make us revolutionists because there was hardly a chance for us to be so, yet these people themselves abandoned the path of revolution and are engaged in improving their standard of life. The ideological movements can never ignore the economical problem of their affected people. It is a basic and very important issue and if an ideological organization that has roots with Islam, then this becomes a more significant question needs to be answered actively. Here it is not a question of earning ten thousand or one lakh rupee monthly, if anyone is capable of earning one lakh rupee at monthly basis, he must do so, but this act ought not to be a result of continuing Rate Race in the society. Secondly, your priorities should not be changed with it. Thirdly, will you be ready to give the sacrifice of your standard of life if your Deen, organization and nation demand you so.?

Jamiat has been struggling politically and ideologically in a very non-political atmosphere of the educational institutions of the country since the last twenty years. It is a very difficult struggle in tougher conditions and Jamaiat s leadership and colleagues must be paid tributes, regards and affection for it. Nevertheless, this role of Jamiat is not according to the objective conditions and challenges. Now, a newer planning needs to be formulated to cope with the situation. It is very sorrowful that during the era of Communism, a large number of people used to see ideological struggle with their own eyes, but today they even do not have any feeling for ideological confrontation.

Nevertheless, today there is a more dangerous, intense and horrible ideological confrontation existing everywhere. The main purpose of this thrash about is that it has not only affected a single society but is going to gulp down the whole world. We are fortunate enough that probably 40 % of our society consists of young people and the activity of communication to this class is not much difficult but this communication needs to be formulated on the cultural and ideological basis. Jamiat is capable of playing its best role of this concern at country level. If Jamiat does not play this role, the country and the nation would face a great loss. The strategy for it is already available and additionally it can be made a proper, stronger strategy. However, a new struggle needs a new condition. The fight against Communism was easier because Communism was not found in our souls but the Western civilization has its roots in our lives and we lay its dozens of spheres. They are part of our concept on life since a long time. It is the reason the struggle against it is not so easy. We have to perform this tough job beautifully.

Jamiat s role in this regard ought to be peerlessly and as a role model. Our society needs practical examples badly today than it ever needed so. Will Jamiat play this role? This question if answered depends on many concerns of our life.

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