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Help and Duaa for our sister Amna Masood Janjua Stuggle for Missing Persons

This is not the life we wanted but the life we were forced to adopt. Sadly the second day is about to end and not even a single person from the authorities visited the missing persons camp.

Is this the roshan Pakistan we want to give our children?
 Just came back from the Supreme Court. All the news regarding the release of 14 persons is false... The defense ministry only presented 7 people who's identity is known. They were head scarfed.
Assalam alaikum , please visit the Missing Persons Camp at D chowk islamabad and generously help this great cause of the poor and aggrieved missing persons families. Women, children and old left without justice are Waiting anxiously in the 2nd day of Camp in the chilling cold of Islamabad . 7th Dec 2013 .
Amina Masood janjua

 Islamabad police trying to take the camp down. Immediate help required.
A message from the daughter
(Javaria) of a missing person IBRAHIM AHMAD:
Prime Minister Sahab. I just want to request you that please, for GOD's sake,release the missing fathers,brothers,husbands and sons.Their families are on the road on a very cold night & they will be staying on the road all night if you do not release their dears ones.

So please release them because little children like me are getting ill due to the cold.

We are waiting for you on the D chowk ISLAMABAD.
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