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Karachi Blast at Abbas Town

 KARACHI: One of Karachi's worst bomb blasts killed 37 people including women and children and left scores others wounded on Sunday, as the police and rangers of the entire city apparently remained deployed on security of dignitaries at an engagement ceremony of a provincial advisor.

People of the ill-fated residential area of Abbas Town were struck by a high intensity bomb and were left on their own to carry out the rescue and relief activities, as almost all the security personnel of the city remained engaged in providing their services to the dignitaries at the engagement of Sindh Chief Minister's Advisor Sharmila Farooqui at Mohatta Palace - a posh location of the city.

Till the last reports, residents of the area were trying to pull the people out of the rubble on self-help basis as no government team or machinery was deployed to carry out the rescue work at the bomb-hit Abbas Town.
Courtesy : The News

Karachi: 37 killed, as VIPs enjoy full security at a ceremony

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