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Easy Ways to Protect Your Bank Account

Easy Ways to Protect Your Bank Account
We take protecting your information seriously. At KeyBank, it is one of our top priorities. While we are proud to employ the most robust online security measures available today, we also know that we can’t do it all on our end. Your personal vigilance is a critical line of defense in identity theft prevention – both on and offline.

Our KeyBank security specialists recommend that you employ the following simple steps to protect your banking accounts:

Enroll in online statements to stop receiving paper statements in the mail. This will prevent the possibility of a paper statement being stolen right out of a mailbox, off a desk, or from a trashcan.

If you do prefer to continue receiving paper statements, guard them well. Know when they should arrive. If one seems late, contact the bank. Shred statements before discarding.
Sign off. Always sign off and close your browser when you finish an online banking session.

Use KeyBank account alerts to monitor specific account activity. These bank-initiated alerts add extra security by advising you of any changes within your accounts.

Make sure all your information is updated, such as email address and phone number, in case we need to contact you about suspicious activity.

Make sure you select security questions that only you know.
Memorize the Personal Identification Numbers (“PINs”) for your debit and/or credit cards. If you must write them down, never keep that information in your wallet or purse.

Memorize your password for your online banking access. If you must write them down, keep it in a secure place.

Beware before you share. Exercise caution in sharing any account information via phone, text, or the web. KeyBank will never call or email you to ask for your account number – we already have it.

Seek secure URLs. Only enter account numbers on secure websites you know you can trust. Look for the "s" in the URL's https. The "s" signifies secure communications.

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