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India's flood of a century

People travel on a boat as they move to safer places through a flooded road in Chennai, India
People commute through a flooded street in Chennai, India. Forecasts of more rain over the next 48 hours forced the army to work on a war footing to rescue survivors trapped in inundated parts of Chennai.  
Flooded areas are pictured on the outskirts of Chennai, India. India's fourth most populous city saw only slight rains on Thursday, but water levels had not receded since a day earlier, when a massive release of water from a brimming reservoir swamped low-lying areas of the city.

A view of a partially submerged power sub-station is seen in a flood-affected area in Chennai, India.
A man carries a girl through a flooded road in Chennai, India.
A man walks through a flooded residential area in Chennai, India.
Displaced residents try to grab free food distributed by volunteers in the flood-affected areas of Chennai.
 Residents watch from their partially flooded houses at a neighborhood in Chennai, India.

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