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Gaza Little Paralysed Girl Needs Urgent Help

Seven-year-old Maha is paralyzed below the neck down following an airstrike in Gaza. Her mom, her dad and four sisters were reported killed in the same airstrike, which injured several of her sisters. Doctors at al-Shifa hospital say the girl needs urgent surgery abroad to try to recover nerve function in her upper limbs. 

Maha, who can still move her head, gazes at people around her and listens ...to all they say. An aunt and several relatives are staying with her at al-Shifa hospital's pediatric ward. 

Maha has been waiting for several weeks to be allowed to leave Gaza and seek treatment abroad. Coordinating the referral of patients abroad remains a complicated process that involves various stakeholders in the coastal enclave, which has been under closure since 2007.  

Photo: © UNICEF / Eyad El Baba

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