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Palestine’s unity government

Israel has arrested more than 400 Palestinians since the disappearance of three Israeli teenagers. Two Palestinians teenagers also lost their lives when Israeli soldiers opened fire on protesting people. Israeli raids and aerial bombardment still continue in different parts of Gaza. Although Israel claims that the Palestinian resistance group Hamas is behind the disappearance of the three teenagers, so far no one has claimed responsibility. 

Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas has  condemned Israeli aggression and the arrest of  innocent people. Israel has arrested several top Hamas leaders during raids in Gaza and Nablus, some of these men have recently been released from Israeli prisons after long detentions. Israeli forces have also demolished the house of the top Hamas official in Gaza. 

Israeli raids and aerial bombardment in Gaza have become a troubling question for the conscience of the modern world. Israel cannot use the disappearance of its citizens to justify capital punishment. The residents of Gaza are besieged and living without the daily necessities of life, while thousands of Palestinians remain in Israeli prisons without any legal charges having being brought against them. It seems that Israel’s true intention is to create divisions between Hamas and Fatah in order to destroy the new Palestinian unity government.

Khawaja Umer Farooq, Jeddah

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